ScentBlocker’s Camping Season


With “Jack-in-the-box” anticipation, I slowly cranked our old pop-up camper open. This is the first sign of summer for our family, and we all look forward to seeing the camper up and ready to be packed.  I found that I unintentionally held my breath as I looked to see if my winterizing actually worked again this time. One never knows what to expect after a long winter.

With a bit of disappointment, and little surprise, I stepped into a clean, but damp camper. One wet corner of the ceiling gave a clue to the weak link. What was different this year though is that I am now equipped with plenty of dual purpose ScentBlocker products to help clean up the old Jayco and help my family be happy campers this summer!

ScentBlocker's Odor Dry disks.
ScentBlocker’s Odor Dry disks.

Odor Dry disks

These little beauties should be in every sportsman’s camper, hunting tote, and closet in North America. About the size of a hockey puck, the disks do two things, and they do them well. First, they absorb moisture creating a dryer environment which isn’t as favorable to odor causing bacteria. Second, they absorb odors, helping things smell a little better. They’re simple to use and do a great job. Simply twist off the lid, and peel back the air tight protective cover to let the Odor Dry disk work its magic. In the situation of my damp camper, I placed one in each corner, and within a few hours it smelled better and didn’t seem as humid. From now on, rain or shine, my camper and vehicles are going to have Odor Dry disks strategically placed to help with rogue smells and moisture.

Trinity Laundry Detergent

While drying out the camper and taking care of any odors, I like to wash everything. Although the camper’s curtains and bedding aren’t made from Trinity synthetic scent control molecules, I still like to wash all of it with ScentBlocker Trinity clothes wash. By washing all of our camping linens in this new ScentBlocker detergent, I ensure that we have clean bedding and curtains that will withstand the use and abuse that a family of six can provide. More often than not, the carefree fun of vacation takes over and one or more of my kids will forget to take time to bathe. After days of running around in the heat and evenings sitting near the campfire, my kids will smell like camping. By using scent control laundry detergent for the camper, we help extend the lifespan of the fresh feeling. If Trinity laundry detergent isn’t available, stick with the old standby, ScentBlocker clothes wash.

Ti4 Spray

Everything in my camper also receives a healthy dose of Ti4 spray. For obvious reasons, I like to keep our bedding, curtains and towels as fresh as possible. We also travel with a bottle of Ti4 and my wife has been instructed to use it liberally. Usually hunting related gear and tools are off limits to her because I do not want to see where her imagination will take her with my things. With Ti4, the worst thing she can do is make something smell better, so I say “fire at will.”

Multiple use products

With almost anything ScentBlocker creates, one can find several handy uses.  The moisture absorbing, odor eliminating products are great not only for hunting and camping, but are also very handy for fishermen, athletes, contractors, and many other people in between. Once again, purchasing something with multiple uses in mind is not only economically smart, but often tolerated where simply purchasing hunting products is not.

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