Radiance Revolution: Viridian Taclight Technology Delivers Twice the Target Area


The country’s fastest-growing laser sight brand is proud to introduce a breakthrough that makes weapon-mounted lights radically more effective.

Viridian exclusive Radiance technology (patent pending) reshapes light into a broad, flat, high-output beam that illuminates over twice the horizontal area of any other taclight. With no light wasted on floor or ceiling, users get the most effective picture, fastest discovery, smoothest tracking, most positive targeting, and the greatest blind-and-disorient power possible – a game-changing advantage in after-dark encounters.

Scan less, see more.

Cutting-edge Radianc technology is found only on Viridian weapon-mounted tactical lights and laser/taclight combos.

Radiance equipped products include the new Reactor TL taclight for pocket pistols … the subcompact C5L Viridian Green laser/taclight for all railed pistols … the new C5L-R Elite Red laser/taclight for red-laser fans … and the versatile CTL taclight, made to fit any railed sidearm.

With Radiance enhanced weapons, responsible citizens, security personnel, and LE officers are better prepared for whatever challenge they may face.

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