Flambeau Outdoors Introduces the MAD Masters Triple Threat


The MAD Masters Triple Threat is just that, three different mouth calls by three different master mouth callers; first and foremost, Master Turkey Caller Mark Drury, MAD Game Calls Founder and 6-Time World Champion. NWTF Grand National & World Champions Matt Van Cise and Billy Yargus. Combined, these three masters have captured every major turkey calling title in the nation, with wins too numerous to mention. These master turkey callers are masters in the woods as well as on stage. MAD is proud to bring their favorite hunting mouth calls to the consumer.

MAD Man Cutter

Mark Drury’s favorite hunting call, MAD Man Cutter (MD-285), is a 2.5 reeded call of extremely thin latex. This hand-stretched call is a cutter call with an additional cut for good measure that helps this high pitched call drop into that realistic rasp of an old hen. Easy to blow, this call will soon be a favorite of all.
MAD Soft Touch

MAD’s new Soft Touch (MD-172) is one in a series of NEW Touch Series Mouth Calls designed by Grand National Calling Champion, Billy Yargus. Unique to other mouth calls on the market, Billy not only designed these calls, he hand builds (touches) each one of these calls himself – inspiring the name Touch Series. The Soft Touch is a double reed inverted “V” call with the corners knocked off to soften it up. The Soft Touch is great for “soft” talk, yet has a thicker top reed for aggressive yelping. A great call for beginners and pros alike. The hunter’s choice for championship mouth calls is just a “touch” away.

MAD PreCision Plus

Matt Van Cise’s favorite mouth call, MAD PreCision Plus (MD-275) is a combination of perfectly stacked grey and yellow latex in a 3.5 reed layer with a cutter 0.5 inverted “V” cut; a combination of a higher pitched cutter call with half of a raspy inverted “V”. This call exposes the user to a precision mouth call capable of creating nice raspy yelping with a hint of high pitch hen. For the hunter who likes a little meat in his call, this call also has those sharp cuts and cackles of a real turkey, yet it can produce those aggressive purrs as well as soft passive purrs.

MAD Masters Triple Threat Model MD-286; MSRP $24.99

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