Moon Shine, LP Licenses with HatsanUSA, Inc.


Moon Shine, LP, the designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, is proud to announce that they have licensed their patterns for use on HatsanUSA air guns. Hatsan will be using the Muddy Girl and Harvest Moon camouflage patterns on their Striker Edge and Striker Alpha Youth spring powered air guns.

“Air rifles use to be perceived as a youth style gun; however, over the past years the air rifle audience has been growing, and we are glad to be joining with a leader in the industry,” states Moon Shine president, Travis Mattern. “This is a great application for our attitude driven camo patterns and we are honored to help Hatsan gain shelf appeal and grow their market share.”

Blaine Manifold, president and CEO expressed his excitement about this partnership, by stating “When presented with Moon Shine Camo, it immediately caught my eye and gave me a feel that their “lifestyle” camo patterns had a place within the Hatsan air gun line. Hatsan is proud to offer their Alpha Youth Air Rifle and Edge 1000 in Moon Shine patterns. HatsanUSA, Inc. is excited about this partnership and is looking forward to growing our businesses together.”

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