Squirrel Hunters Unite to Build the Ultimate Squirrel Hunting Resource


People from all over the world are tired of the lack of information aimed toward the education and safety of Squirrel Hunters. After feeling like second class citizens for decades, many hunters came together to create the premier resource aimed specifically at the squirrel hunting enthusiast. From in depth examinations of firearms, to guest posts and information on squirrel hunting dogs, they created the ultimate one-stop resource for anyone interested in getting started, or improving their squirrel hunting experience.

“It’s about time someone thought about Squirrel Hunting as a real sport. This country was founded on this type of small game and without it, this country may never had prospered,” stated Tony Findley of Sharronville, Ohio. What Tony says is true. The founding fathers of the United States had to utilize this game animal as a staple of their diet while building and creating the colonized area of the new America. Without the plentiful supply of game animals, such as the squirrel, the forefathers may have had a very different outcome in regards to survival.

Squirrel Hunting HQ was founded in 2011 in an attempt to revitalize this traditional American sport and to educate hunters and assist them in having safe and successful squirrel hunting experiences. The website offers a range of articles, research materials, videos and tutorials for the small games hunters of the world.

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