LaserLyte Unveils New Product Displays for Bass Pro Shops


LaserLyte unveiled their new branded product end caps featuring LaserLyte bore sights and accessories in Bass Pro Shops across the country. With an ammunition shortage still ongoing, the LaserLyte Universal bore sighter allows hunters and target shooters to quickly sight in any firearms from .22 to .50 caliber (with a minimum 3-inch barrel), saving lots of money and eliminating the frustration over the lack of available ammo. The LaserLyte bore sight accessory pack provides all the tools for sighting in including a scope/gun leveler, extra batteries, shotgun adapter, .51-.75 caliber bore adapter, extra tool kit for .22 to .50 caliber and a daylight laser target.

The new LaserLyte branded product endcaps in Bass Pro Shops allow hunters and target shooters an easily found, one-stop location, with large, visible signage for all their sighting-in needs.

“No ammo? No worries! Everything a hunter or target shooter needs to get that new rifle sighted in can be found at the LaserLyte display in all Bass Pro Shops,” Aaron Moore, VP of Sales & Marketing for LaserLyte commented. “Using our laser system to sight in your firearm, not only is quicker, as in three shots, but saves you tons of money because there is no ammunition required.”

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