OutWest Systems Introduces New Super Economical Entry Level LASER Training System


OutWest Systems, Inc. June, 2013–Renowned for their line of hot new revolutionary high-tech LASER and live fire (and super long range) firearm training systems is pleased to announce the release of their OCAT Starter LASER Shooter Marksmanship System for shooters who have access to the below listed equipment.

This new value packed firearm LASER system is designed to work with actual firearms and is an incredibly economical way for any shooter to become a better shot quickly and do so in the comfort of their residence!

The new Starter System is a simple digital download. Simply go to www.ocats.com and choose the Starter System under Products, add it to your cart and you will be on your way to a new level of training.

All the shooter needs is to have access to a computer, webcam and a firearm snap type LASER*.  “We have worked hard to create the best LASER training system for the money in the world and our Starter Laser System fills the bill. And, while the system is designed for snap LASERs it is easily and affordably upgraded to live fire mode or even all the way to our Long range system.”–Jim Cline, VP

OCAT Starter System:

  1. Supports single or multiple shooters
  2. Continuously displays reaction times and hits on the computer
  3. Reports last shot fired with analysis with audio feedback
  4. Shows shooter’s muzzle movement during the shot fired
  5. Includes reaction time shot time and shows the time on the computer
  6. Programmable start and stop delays based on time and shots the shooter enters
  7. No-risk  upgrade to a more advanced OCAT System

Advantages of any of the OCAT Systems using the LASER option:

  • Nearly unlimited practice shots
  • Produces same basic practice feedback as live fire
  • Provides firearm/trigger movement analysis that live fire cannot provide
  • Save serious money over live fire

MSRP $125.00.

The OCAT System will work with most LASER snap type training units. Check before ordering.

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