Sure Shot Game Calls announced today that they have finalized the design and functionality of their new call that will be launched in Las Vegas at the Shot Show Media Days on 1/14/14.

Sure Shot evaluated various designs, materials and alternatives earlier this year. Due to the company’s quality call performance and recognition of being the Inventor of the double-reed duck call, The Yentzen, owner Charlie Holder knew that he had to create a duck call that would not only bring the company back into the spotlight but also provide customers with a call that would revolutionize the call industry once again. “I’m very excited about the new call, a lot of blood, sweat and tears is in this call” said Holder, “I know, without uncertainty this will be a call that will have its rightful place right next to the original Yentzen, on every waterfowlers lanyard.”

“Currently we have (and always had) the best duck call on the market and with the addition of this new call, the future will be bright”, said Curtis Arnold, grandson of the inventor and founder James “Cowboy” Fernandez “ Grandpa was involved with the design and sound of the new call. Getting his approval was my end-goal and I know that if he likes it, everyone will.”

Sure Shot still and will always makes the original Yentzen with that same, once patented, double reed design and they remain the only game call company to carry a Lifetime Guarantee on the all their calls. To this day, the Yentzen is the “go-to” duck call on most seasoned duck hunter’s lanyard and since 1959 Sure Shot is committed to providing the most effective game calls with the highest quality on the market.

Please stay tuned for more information on the all-new revolutionary Sure Shot duck call.

Image courtesy Rendezvous Marketing Group

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2 thoughts on “Sure Shot Game Calls to Revolutionize the Duck Call World…Again

  1. This new sure shot call is going to be amazing and i can hardly wait .i will take six right off the top without even giving them a try that how sure i am about the sure shot brand of call i almost guarantee that if you ask your dad and or your grandpa if they have ever heard of the YENTZEN duck call they owned one or two . i still blow one myself have had it for over 20 years and it still sounds better than most all of the duck calls i own. A new call either dont sound like a true duck or blow so loud that it scare most ducks for miles .no doubt in my years of using and owning almost every sure shot call ever made .this new call is going to change a lot of hunters minds in what they use from now on i guarantee it or I MYSELF WILL TAKE THEM OFF YOUR HANDS NO QUESTIONS ASKED .THATS A BIG STATEMENT FROM AN OLD MAN IN TEXAS . But thats how much i truely think all you duck hunters out there are going to love this call thanks sure shot your friend Larry Big Law Dixon Alvin TX

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