Free Freshwater Fish Recipes eBook Available June 28-30


From June 28-30, the eBook 13 Freshwater Fish Recipes You Can’t Live Without will be available for free from Amazon here.


We are fortunate, because we’ve been able to travel all over the country and eaten some of the finest freshwater fish that swim the rivers, lakes and streams of North America. Everywhere we go we try to collect the recipes from the great chefs at restaurants, fishing camps and homes, who prepare these delicious dishes. Fish are low in calories and cholesterol, delicious to eat and can be very inexpensive to serve, if you can catch them or have a friend who fishes and shares his bounty with you. You’ll enjoy these delicious recipes. Also look for our other “13 Recipes You Can’t Live Without…” collection, including short cookbooks on saltwater fish, seafood, deer and wild turkeys.

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