The Revolution’s Guide to Gun Dogs


This week Jim and Trav talk all about proper care, training and maintenance of your gun dog. Get expert advice on canine first aid, training your dog for boats and water, finding the right breed for every game animal, if you should choose a breed based on how they perform at field trials, training your first year puppy and so much more! Tune in this week.

Canine First Aid  – Dr. Michael Fuller, D.V.M. –

For most hunters it’s common to be deep in the backcountry, far from the nearest town or medical responder. While seclusion has its benefits it can also make emergency situations difficult. So what happens when man’s best friend gets injured in the woods? Having some basic canine first aid knowledge can go a long way. Veterinarian, Dr. Michael Fuller discusses gun dog first aid kits, and how to handle wound cleaning, pain meds, snake bites, dehydration and more.

Dog Training for Boats & Water  – David Wolcott –

Good behavior and basic obedience when your dog is in a boat is critical. Understanding on the water gun dog etiquette can prevent you and your occupants from taking a plunge into the water. David Walcott of Hillcrest Retrievers talks with Jim and Trav this week about training your dog to be proficient retrievers off of boats and in the water. He details training techniques, talks dog comfort and more!

Field Trials – Brian Lynn –

Brian Lynn is a writer for Outdoor Life and their Gun Dog Blog. This week he talks with Jim and Trav about field trials and if you should choose a specific breed based on how well they perform overall in field trials. He’ll analyze the pro’s of field trials and also highlight some of the flaws it creates when judging different breeds. Tune in for more!

Training Your Puppy – David Carty –

A puppy’s early years are important, regardless of the breed, if you are expecting them to become a good hunting or working dog. In addition to having a good fundamental obedience foundation there are other skills puppy’s should learn. Dave Carty talks about bird dog skills that you should be teaching your pup.

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