Safariland Releases New Popular Gun Fits for Its Range Series Holsters


Safariland announced today that it has released three additional fits in the Range Series, one of its newest holster collections. The Ruger LC9, Springfield XD-S, and the S&W M&P SHIELD are among the latest line extensions for this series of holsters growing in popularity.

The Range Series of holsters was developed for rugged use on the range, whether by competition shooters, range instructors or shooting enthusiasts. The 5195, specifically designed for female torsos, features an offset belt loop ensuring the user an easy, straight up draw.  The key feature of the 5197 is a soft, laminate belt loop, that allows for a close ride on the hip and helps to eliminate common belt bulging found with hard belt loops. Both holsters are built with a trigger guard detent and adjustable tension device, which helps secure the gun in the holster during rigorous activity. The Range Series holsters feature durable SafariLaminate wraparound construction with a rugged STX finish that helps resist scratches; available now in Black, FDE Brown, OD and Foliage Green.

Model  Description       MSRP
5195 Range Series Low Ride Holster $39.00
5197  Range Series Mid Ride Holster $34.00
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