In Episode #68 of BHK Outdoor Radio, L.T. and Dan talk to Tammy Trayer the woman behind

Tammy talks with the guys about living off grid. She and her family decided to move away from civilization and begin an off-grid lifestyle. They lived in a wall tent until their house was built. They don’t have cell phone service, cable television, and they rely on solar power. Her family believes living skills will help her family throughout their future.

Tammy and her family practice a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free diet. This started to help her high functioning autistic son. She has found that eliminating gluten and dairy has made a large impact on his health and behavior. Tammy makes everything for her family from scratch. Food, condiments, deodorant, and detergents.

Tammy is a writer and hosts her own radio show. You can see the full story of her family’s journey at

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