Travelin’ Hunter TV is a brand new show debuting on the Sportsman Channel this summer. It airs during the prime time Sunday Sportsman block at 9:30 p.m. EST. It also airs Sunday at 12:30 a.m. EST and Wednesday at 11:30 am EST. If you’re out travelin’ yourself, don’t forget to set your DVR.

Host, Tony Smotherman, has clocked thousands and thousands of miles behind a steering wheel in pursuit of big game. Travelin’ Hunter plays no favorites. Mid-western whitetails, Rocky Mountain elk, monster mule deer and all critters in-between must beware. Tony’s truck is fueled up, his gear is loaded in the back and he’s hunting his way across America.

“Travelin’ Hunter was born from a simple desire to explore this country doing what I love. Once I discovered hunting adventure outside of my home state of Tennessee, and started experiencing new people and places, I was hooked. There are more places to hunt in this country than one could hope for in a single lifetime, but man, I’m going to try and make it to as many of them as the good Lord will allow,” Smotherman said.

Travelin’ Hunter is a show based upon the belief that the journey to and from your hunting location and the people that you meet along the way are just as important as seeing fur fly. Too many hunters are wrapped up in defining success with a trophy on the ground. Travelin’ Hunter believes the true trophy of any hunting adventure is the experience itself.

Tony Smotherman is just the guy next door that loves to hunt and is not going to let bumps in the road keep him from having a good time. You too can be a Travelin’ Hunter. If there’s a hunt you keep dreaming of taking, then hop in the truck and go do it, because no one has promised you tomorrow’s sunrise.

Tune in this Sunday for the third episode of Travelin’ Hunter, the series everyone is talking about. Tony is heading to Colorado to chase elk at the Motherwell Ranch.

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Contact: Tony Smotherman,, (615) 828-8900

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One thought on “Travelin’ Hunter TV Hits the Road Running

  1. Travelin’ Hunter TV Hits the Road Running is nothing but the truth Tony is always on the road doing something like making his Hunting Show’s and remolding his base camp in Ill. I really would like to know how many mile’s travelin Hunter put on his truck a year, I do know it has payed off for him because he has the best Hunting Show on TV

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