Limbsaver has long been the manufacturer of choice for recoil pads. Limbsaver firearm products are widely used and respected by the military, law enforcement and sportsmen around the world who require recoil pads that will perform well under long periods of repetitive shooting. Now, Limbsaver has introduced a pre-fit recoil pad specifically manufactured to fit MagPul stocks.

Limbsaver’s proprietary non-slip NAVCOM material, used on all LimbSaver recoil pads, redirects and dampens the felt-recoil away from the shooter’s shoulder, while providing an absolute stable shooting platform. And, because it stays in place, it maintains target acquisition by reducing muzzle jump.

The MagPul Carbine Stock Recoil Pad is quick and easy to install and offers a snag-proof design for rapid shouldering of the firearm.

Also new from Limbsaver, are AR-15/M4 Recoil Pads which snap on securely and fit most six-position tactical stocks. They also incorporate LimbSaver’s 3-step anti-muzzle jump technology. In the first step, as the firearm discharges, the lower air chamber of the recoil pad is designed to collapse first, forcing the recoil pressure in a downward movement. Next, as the rate of pressure increases through the cycle, the upper impact pillar engages first, then, within a millisecond, the lower impact pillar engages, collectively evening out the rate of “push”, maximizing and controlling the angle of collapse. Lastly, with the first and second steps in sync, the direction of the pressure is now optimized and referred to as “controlled force direction”. With this new technology, you will be able to reacquire your target faster, effectively reducing the rate of muzzle jump by up to 50%.

The MagPul Carbine Stock Recoil Pad is offered in black or desert tan and the MSRP is $41.99. AR-15/M4 Snap-On Recoil Pads are offered in either black or desert tan and also sell for $41.99.

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