Waterfowl hunting guru Chad Belding from ‘The Fowl Life’ set his sights on something a little bit different on this week’s episode.  The guys will be sharing a blind with MOJO Outdoors, and Soar No More to decoy pigeons in Idaho.  Staying true to his roots, Chad would return later that season for one of his favorite hunts, ducks and geese on the Snake River!

The Fowl Life” is a highly entertaining, and educational look at waterfowl hunting.  The cameras roll nonstop to show not only the hunt, but also the trials and tribulations associated with this highly demanding sport!  This reality based show is all about the workingman, and his passion for the outdoors and the desire to share the experiences with the world.

Episode 4 Season 5 of The Fowl Life is truly a “mixed bag” the guys would start out helping ranchers control their pigeon populations, while sharpening their skills behind the Escort Shotguns!  While shooting pigeons is fun, Chad could not pass up an invite to hunt waterfowl in one of his favorite states to hunt as well.    

“Extending my hunting season is always on my mind, I simply love being in the outdoors, from waterfowl, coyotes, turkeys, big game, and now pigeons, I really feel like I have all my bases covered for the year!  I really enjoyed hunting pigeons, but in the back of my mind I was thinking about cold temps, blue skies and greenheads bombing into my spread on the Snake River!” Belding said.

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