Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization announced the winner of a huge giveaway from STAG ARMS to help promote Troopathon 6, a star-studded effort to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan. The giveaway spanned over a month and gathered over 3,500 entries. At the end of the fundraiser MAF collected $321,042 thanks, in part, to the generous support of STAG ARMS.

To help support TROOPATHON and send more care packages to the troops, Firearms Manufacturer STAG ARMS partnered with MAF to give away a FREE AR-15 rifle, valued at over $900. The winner, Jim E. of Macosta, Michigan, can choose any one of three available STAG ARMS models in left-handed or right-handed configuration.

“I am just so grateful. Our family loves to enjoy the outdoors and shooting together. I support the troops 100% and hope they all come home safely.” said Jim E., after being notified that he was selected as the winner of the STAG ARMS AR-15 giveaway.

“Stag Arms has always been a supporter of the troops not just with discounts on purchases for our servicemen but in donations to pro-troop initiatives like Troopathon. We were honored to have their support and because of their generosity more troops overseas will receive support through care packages this Summer.” said Scott Raab, Operations Director in charge of coordinating care package shipments overseas.  “Without wonderful sponsors like STAG ARMS we wouldn’t have been able to raise over $321,000 to support our troops.”

“Troopathon 6  – Salute Our Troops” was the 6th annual Troopathon event a 7-hour long fundraiser bringing together pro-troop movie stars, TV personalities, elected officials, professional athletes, musicians, talk radio hosts and many other supporters to encourage viewers to sponsor care packages for the troops serving overseas through the group’s website ( or by phone at (866) 866-6372.

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One thought on “Stag Arms and Move America Forward Raise $321,042 with Troopathon 6

  1. great to see an American firearms manufacturer supporting the 2nd Amendment as well as those who protect and defend it the Constitution!

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