Tom McMillan Trains in the Gym and Hunts in the Field with Biggest Name in Mixed Martial Arts – July 28

Mixed martial arts legend, Randy Couture is a  pioneer in the world of ‘MMA’ and is also passionate about the outdoors and hunting big game. Sportsman Channel welcomes Couture on the next episode of Meet the McMillans where the king of the octagon connects with friend, Tom McMillan, for memorable elk bowhunt in New Mexico and a successful whitetail buck hunt in Kansas. The episode is not without ups and downs along the way and plenty of good nature humor. Don’t miss this original series episode on Sunday, July 28 at 8:30 pm ET/PT exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

Day one of the elk hunt requires an early wake-up call as McMillan and Couture travel three hours to elk camp. The men experience several elk sightings but are unable to close the distance that is required for a bowhunt. Disappointed but not deterred, McMillan takes a “break” and visits Couture’s gym in Las Vegas for several moments of levity and exercise before heading back to Kansas for a whitetail buck hunt.

In Kansas, Couture practices with his new muzzleloader before taking the field with McMillan. The spot and stalk takes time, but Couture’s patience pays off with a reward of a massive whitetail buck for the ‘MMA’ legend.

“I was thrilled to have Randy in camp and was so happy he didn’t leave Kansas empty handed,” said Tom McMillan, host, Meet the McMillans. “Everything from the ups and downs in New Mexico, to the workout at Randy’s gym; it was all worth the time and energy. I think Randy’s patience and intelligence in the field will be very evident to viewers as they sit down to watch.”

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