Code Blue’s Rack Rub-Licking Branch Gel is the ultimate forehead gland and pre-orbital scent for stimulating rub activity. Rarely will bucks produce a primary scrape before first selecting the perfect licking branch. Bucks will deposit scent from the glands on low hanging limbs by vigorously chewing, rubbing and horn raking. This action marks their territory as a scent marker with an unmistakable aroma.

Rack Rub is a great curiosity attractant during early season and creates a territorial infringement during the rut. The special gel formulation is long lasting and provides smooth even coverage on branches.  Rack Rub is the ultimate scent marker bucks respond to and works all season long. MSRP $10.95 (2 oz bottle)

In addition to Rack Rub, Code Blue provides a full line of urines, attractants and personal scent management products. For more information on Code Blue Products go to, or call our customer line: 251-368-4089.

Image courtesy Code Blue

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