Moultrie Products, LLC combines twice the coverage and four times the function into one game camera; the D-555i. Efficiently designed for the hardcore hunter, this camera is compact in size yet large in features such as its huge 90-degree wide-angle lens and No Glow nighttime illumination. Simple to command, with large raised buttons and a generous 2” color viewing screen for live view aiming, anyone can master the D-555i in a few short minutes.

Since entering the game camera market over 10 years ago, Moultrie has strived to capture the most scouting reconnaissance for hunters and game managers. The 8.0 megapixel D-555i sports extremely high picture quality. With an average trigger speed of less than one second, nothing is going to sneak past while the D-555i is on duty.

Capable of covering twice the horizontal range of an average game camera, the D-555i also offers four different capture modes. In Motion Detect Mode, the camera plays a traditional role shooting candid photos of anything that crosses its path. Motion Detect Video Mode allows the camera to record pre-determined lengths of video once the slightest movement has been detected, day or night. With the Time Lapse Mode, the D-555i can be programed to record a day’s worth of activity at preset intervals. Hybrid Cam Mode allows the camera to be used in Time Lapse Mode during the programmed times and Motion Detect Mode the remainder of the day and night.

A solid reputation is hard to come by, and Moultrie cameras have earned theirs as a crucial scouting tool. Featuring Moultrie’s Illumi-Night sensor, this camera’s No Glow nighttime infrared illumination reaches out to 60 feet. Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur, leaving no question how many points are on that trophy buck. HD video is captured in 720p for clear footage and with its microphone for sound; the D-555i could double as a home movie camera!

New Moultrie camouflage will keep the camera undetected by game animals and other hunters while integrated mounting brackets can accommodate a Python® cable for added security. Eliminating unnecessary human interference, this camera can capture up to 24,000 images on a single set of 6 C-cell batteries and with expanded memory of up to 32GB. Password protected with an external power source port, this camera will become the diehard hunter’s best friend.

Moultrie’s D-555i retails for $149.99 and is available online at or at reputable dealers everywhere.

Image courtesy Moultrie

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