Staff Sergeant Brandon Green of Box Spring, Georgia has won the 2013 National Rifle Association High Power Rifle Championship with a 2384-126x out of 2400. Held at Camp Perry, Ohio, from August 4-9, the matches are a part of the annual Remington/NRA National Rifle & Pistol Matches. Green’s win was determined by a tie-breaker with defending champion Carl Bernosky.

The NRA High Power Rifle Championship is a 240-shot aggregate of the Vandenberg Cup, Nevada Trophy and Clarke Trophy. Each sub-aggregate consists of four matches shot at distances of 200, 300 or 600 yards at Camp Perry, a National Guard training facility located on the shore of Lake Erie. Shooters compete in either the Match Rifle Championship or Service Rifle Championship based on the type of firearm used – center rifles with numerous modifications or rifles as issued by the U.S. Armed Forces.

Following four grueling days of shooting, Green and defending champion Carl Bernosky had improbably tied with final scores of 2384-126x. Unable to determine the winner by tie-breaking X’s, NRA High Power rules called for a comparison of X’s at each distance, starting furthest out, until the tie could be broken. Green ultimately prevailed with 35 X’s shot at 600 yards opposite Bernosky’s 34.

In addition to winning the High Power Championship’s prestigious Mumma Trophy, Green, a member of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), took top honors in the NRA Match Rifle Championship while Bernosky placed second and Norman Houle placed third with a 2381-111x. Additionally, Green received the Match Rifle Championship’s High Service award and finished first overall in the McCann Trophy Match with a 1198-66x out of 1200.

“It doesn’t get any tighter than those last few matches,” Green said. “The weather conditions were difficult but everybody still shot well. I fought hard to get here and it feels pretty good for everything to come out in my favor.”

Staff Sergeant Tyrell Cooper of Fort Benning, Georgia won his fourth National Service Rifle Championship with a score of 2380-105x. In addition to receiving the DuPont Trophy, the USAMU member also received the National Service Rifle Championship’s High Regular Service award and won the Crescent Cup Match  with a 198-9x out of 200.

A summary of the awards for the NRA High Power Rifle Championships follows:

National Championship:

First Place: Brandon K. Green, USA, Box Spring, GA, 2384-126x

National Service Rifle Championship:

  • First Place: SSG Tyrel Cooper, USA, 2380-105x
  • Second Place: SSG John Coggshall, USA, 2367-105x
  • Third Place: SGT Joseph Peterson, USMC, 2366-100x
  • High Woman: MSG Julia Watson, USMCR, 2360-103x
  • High Senior: Glenn Edgard, 2297-52x
  • High Grand Senior: Jonathan Shew, 2243-34x
  • High Collegiate: Isaac Dow, 2359-91x
  • High Overall Junior: Isaac Dow, 2359-91x
  • High Junior: Isaac Dow, 2359-91x
  • High Intermediate Junior: Forrest Greenwood, 2306-62x
  • High Police: A S Young, ANG, 2315-57x
  • High Civilian: Isaac Dow, 2359-91x
  • High Ohio Civilian Resident: Sara Rozanski, 2356-91x
  • High National Guard: SSG John Coggshall, USA, 2367-105x
  • High Reserve: SSGT Eric Swearingen, USMC, 2362-75x
  • High Army Reserve: LTC Scott Klawon, USMC, 2353-74x
  • High Marine: SGT Joseph Peterson, USMC, 2366-100x
  • High Regular Service: SSG Tyrel Cooper, USA, 2380-105x

National Match Rifle Championship:

  • First Place: SSG Brandon Green USA, 2384-126x
  • Second Place: Carl Bernosky, 2384-126x
  • Third Place: Norman Houle, 2381-111x
  • High Service: SSG Brandon Green USA, 2384-126x
  • High Senior: James O’Connell, 2341-92x
  • High Grand Senior: Paul Larson, 2273-65x
  • High Police: Kenneth Potter, 2341-94x
  • Winner Anysight/Tactical Rifle: William Dooley, 2362-93x
  • Second Anysight/Tactical Rifle: John Husk, 2344-76x
  • Third Anysight/Tactical Rifle: Douglas Morrison, 2341-72x
  • Fourth Anysight/Tactical Rifle: David J. Vinkler, 2335-70x

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