What do whitetails really see? How effective is camouflage? Do scent control and attractant products truly work? Plus…antler growth, natural forage for deer, what kills the most hunters each year and even how deer hunting could be the newest attraction at Six Flags! All of this and more this week on The Revolution with Jim & Trav.

What Whitetails Really See – Patrick Durkin

How do you defeat the eyes of a deer as a hunter? It may come down to understanding the science of how deer really see. Scientists have concluded that deer’s sight is most likely limited to blue and green wavelength colors. So what does this mean for how effective your camo is? Patrick Durkin joins Jim and Trav to school them on the vision of deer and to weigh in on the effectiveness of camo.

A Deer’s Sense of Smell – Tracy Breen

While a deer’s senses of sight and hearing are remarkable, their sense of smell is what will give a hunter away to them most often. Jim and Trav will discuss how certain smells trigger specific behaviors in deer and outdoor writer Tracy Breen talks about scent elimination clothing. He’ll explain the basics of carbon fiber clothing, how it works and its limitations.

Antler Growth -The Velvet is Coming Off

A deer’s antlers can grow up to half an inch in length per day at their peak growing time in the summer. Now that growth is nearly complete the velvet will start coming off, but what kind of forage is the most crucial to keeping deer fueled and healthy for the next few months. Tune in to find out.

Your Health & Hunting – What Kills the Most Hunters

Self-inflicted gunshot wounds, treestand falls, being shot by another hunter, or other accidents are NOT responsible for the majority of hunter fatalities. The culprit: a hunter’s health and heart. Listen in to find out why it’s important to get healthy and know your limitations!

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