In Episode #73 of BHK Outdoor Radio L.T. and Dan talk to Larysa of the new show on NBC Sports Larysa Unleashed.

Larysa describes how she got into hunting and fishing even though no one in her family participated in the sports. Larysa is a CPA and licensed real estate agent who decided to follow her dream after she fell in love with hunting. She found like-minded people and taught herself to hunt and fish. She is now a successful hunter and angler that travels the world on exciting hunts. On her new TV show, Larysa Unleashed, she takes viewers along for the ride.

Larysa likes to hunt to eat the meat that is healthier because they aren’t injected with hormones or steroids. She also believes in helping to control the population. Larysa wants to promote the outdoor lifestyle and help to get families to engage in activities in the outdoors.

L.T., Dan, and Larysa discuss the advantages women have in hunting and shooting. Larysa shares her favorite game to hunt and fish. She tells about one of her favorite hunts that will be shown on an episode of her new show. She had been working on a TV show for about 3 years and learned film production, among many other things in the process.

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