In Episode #74 of BHK Outdoor Radio L.T. and Dan dive into fan mail bag to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Join in as L.T. and Dan answer questions from listeners. Many of the questions listeners write in about are the same questions that customers ask quite frequently. Mostly about knife care. The guys talk about their personal preferences and tell stories of how they learned to do things the right way.

Find out which grind is right or better for each particular task. The guys stress that one knife grind is not better than another. They say which knife grind you choose depends on what you want that knife to do, what task you would like to perform. Make sure to keep that in mind when purchasing your next knife. A pocket knife can’t do the job of a machete and a kitchen knife won’t be your choice for bushcrafting. Think of your task and then choose your knife grind accordingly. L.T. and Dan share which grind they would choose for each of the following tasks: bushcraft, EDC, fire making, tactical/self-defense, and camp kitchen.

There are many questions when it comes to knife care. The guys answer the questions why and how you wet form a leather sheath and share a funny story from their early knife making days. Learn how and why you oil a knife and what type of oil they choose. They talk about how to sharpen a knife and tell how Blind Horse Knives sharpens their knives.

L.T. and Dan talk about the process of making a custom knife for a customer. Many people choose to have a custom knife built but are unsure of the process. They talk about choosing a style, grind, materials, and finish.

If you’ve had a basic question about knives, this is the show to listen in on. L.T. and Dan talk through each question and give great advice.

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