The introduction of the Ruger SR45 to its budding trio of SR series semi-autos — chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W and now .45 ACP — provides a lightweight option with significant stopping power for concealed carry. In this GUNS cover story, contributing editor John Taffin called the SR45 his top choice as an “everyday packin’ pistol.”

“The SR45 is what I would call ‘soft shooting.’ By that, I mean it is quite comfortable to shoot and felt recoil should not be a problem except perhaps with +P loads,” Taffin says. “I’m pleased to report a variety of loads performed exceptionally well in the Ruger SR45 with no malfunctions whatsoever while shooting into very small clusters on a miniature silhouette target. Good stuff!”

In the feature “6×6 With A 7,” contributing editor John Barnsess evaluates the elk-busting capabilities of the Weatherby Ultra Ligthweight Mark V in 7mm Weatherby Magnum — and he wasn’t left disappointed.

“The Weatherby factory ammo with 160-grain Nosler Partition slightly beat the advertised 3,200 fps over my Oehler 35P chronograph, and 3-shot groups averaged under an inch at 100 yards,” observes Barsness. “While driving home with an elk in the back of my pickup, I decided Weatherby wasn’t getting their rifle back.”

This issue of GUNS also features a look at a “Sci-Fi .45” Kriss Vector .45 ACP carbine, Winchester leverguns and their black powder cartridges and a special focus on optics, highlighting the Nikon Prostaff 7 6X rangefinder and the Redfield Battlezone 3-9x42mm scope.

The lightweight Kahr Arms CW380 highlights the October Gun of the Month giveaway. Valued at over $1,600, this prize bundle features the Versa Pack Pro and T-7 Turret Press from Redding, Vanquest’s heavy-duty Javelin VSlinger Slingpack and the Bullrush Multi-Tool from Gerber Gear. Readers can enter for a free chance to win this giveaway by entering online at

Each issue of GUNS includes links to online-only extras, and the October issue features a story investigating the PWS long-stroke piston-driven AR tandem of the MK107 Diablo and MK112. All-digital editions of GUNS are also available online, and readers can sign up for a free digital subscription at

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