Since its premiere in 2005, Deer & Deer Hunting TV has distinguished itself as a trusted resource for whitetail deer hunters to become better in practice as they discover information about deer behavior, hunting technology and trends emerging around the country. Now in its ninth season, it is one of the most highly regarded shows in outdoor television today. To mark the 100th episode, the show looks back on just how far hunters have come in their understanding of the whitetail world and explores topics that have made the show stand apart from the rest for nine seasons. Deer & Deer Hunting TV’s 100th episode will air on NBC Sports Outdoors on Tuesday, August 27 at 2:00 EDT/1:00 CT and primetime on Sunday at 9:30 EDT/8:30 CT.

For the staff, hitting the 100-episode mark is a manifestation of years of hard work and an evolving understanding of deer hunting. “Technology as well as the experience, talent and commitment of our team brought D&DH TV to the top of the outdoor television world,” Executive Producer Chris Hermans said. “To stay there, we know it takes a commitment to innovation and always striving to make a superior product from the one before it. It’s a challenge we all take on with a genuine passion and awareness of how fortunate we are to call this a profession.”

The show’s ability to consistently photograph and focus on amazing deer behavior will be on display throughout the episode, reminding viewers how D&DH TV gained and maintained respect in the industry and with hunters, as well. In addition to the retrospective on 99 successful episodes, the 100th episode will also feature another constant from the show’s long history: the annual northern rut predictions. D&DH TV gives its audience insight into how this year’s rut will differ from last season and how to prepare.

Deer & Deer Hunting TV’s 100th episode milestone is a testament that F+W Outdoors has stayed true to the brand that established the industry 37 years ago,” Deer & Deer Hunting Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt says. “It has been extraordinarily satisfying to see the names that have built this brand in print come to life on the TV screen. Guys like Charles Alsheimer, John Ozoga, Bob Zaiglin—true visionaries in the world of wildlife biology, science-based deer hunting and habitat management.”

Check out a teaser at and tune in Tuesday to be part of the 100th.

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