Easton Technical Products, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment introduces the Beginner Archery Combo Pack and the Arrow & Tote Combo Packs.  Popular culture has driven new shooters to the archery industry in recent years with movies like the Hunger Games, Brave and now Avengers II that will be releasing soon. With this new surge in the market, Easton has designed the Beginner Archery Combo Pack and Arrow & Tote Combo Packs, which includes all the shooting accessories needed for the archery range.

The Combo Pack fits right or left-handed users and bows under 30 pounds and comes with three arrows, hip quiver, arm guard, finger tab and cutout target faces.  The arrows are 28” XX75 1816 high strength, which are constructed from Easton’s legendary 7075 aerospace-grade alloy. The high quality 600D fabric hip quiver is strong and durable, capable of holding up to 12 arrows and has an integrated belt clip. The Beginner Archery Combo Packs also contain a comfort-flex finger tab and a durable polymer arm guard for protection and comfort to provide hours of shooting enjoyment. The Beginner Archery Combo Pack also includes two cutout target faces that are included on the packaging to perfect accuracy.

The Arrow & Tote includes durable and ready-to-shoot arrows, and adjustable high strength tube, and a quiver that fits inside most bow cases.  This combo pack is designed for bows up to 30 pounds. The tube accommodates up to 18 arrows and the arrows are available in three or six-arrow combinations. The arrows available are the Genesis, XX75 or Fiberglass Scout.

MSRP:  $34.99

For more information on the Beginner Archery Combo Pack by Easton, please visit www.eastonarchery.com.

Image courtesy Easton Archery

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