These are the facts: A greater number of women now shoulder the sole responsibility of defending themselves and their family inside the home. More women are employed outside the home in equal or greater numbers than their male counterparts. Twenty-three percent of women now own a gun. In her new book, Concealed Carry for Women, respected firearms instructor Gila Hayes targets this growing demographic of concealed carry permit holders as she provides information on the law, shooting skills and unique challenges that female firearms users encounter.

Gila Hayes has been a concealed carry permit holder since the mid-1990s and she is leading the charge to change women’s perspective on concealed carry.

“Women are renowned for creative problem solving, so it has always amazed me if a lady expressed, ‘I can’t carry a gun because of…’ ‘because of the way I dress’ or ‘because I’m a mommy,” Hayes says. “If a woman’s motivation to carry a self-defense gun is great enough, she will find a way to do it! Concealed Carry for Women is full of ideas about how to do so safely, effectively and while maintaining a feminine appearance.”

Concealed Carry for Women dives into all aspects of concealed carry, paying particular attention to the various lifestyle demands for a range of women’s ages. First-time concealed carriers and interested women alike will get detailed advice on factors to consider when deciding to carry a firearm for self defense, a guide to the law and society’s unwritten rules, and the fundamentals of integrating a concealed handgun into every day life. Hayes takes her book one step further with her female-focused topics, including selecting holsters that work with the female figure and the dos and don’ts of concealed carry and women’s fashion.

“Here’s my bottom line: Reduce the pool of eligible victims and the number of women victimized by violent crime will drop,” Hayes says. “I have long believed that predatory victimization of women will only abate when individual women are fully capable of preventing violent crime at an individual level.”

Concealed Carry for Women is available online at, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Concealed Carry for Women by Gila Hayes, Gun Digest Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-4402-3600-6 ∙ Price: $22.99 ∙ Paperback 6” x 9”

Image courtesy Gila Hayes/ FW Media

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