Summit’s Seat-Of-The-Pants safety harnesses have earned their industry leading reputation by setting the standard in 4-point fall restraint harnesses. While creating quiet confidence, the Seat-Of-The-Pants won many awards for safety, comfort, and design.  Always innovating, the design experts at Summit have been working to perfect the STS (Summit Tactical Series) of safety harnesses. With everything a safety conscious treestand hunter could want at a modest price, the Summit STS Deluxe Safety Harness leaves nothing to the imagination.

Designed for safety, comfort, and convenience, the Deluxe  includes all of the bells and whistles that the Fastback and Pro harnesses offer such as: bungee tether for 360 degree mobility, comfortable elastic bandoleer shoulder strap piece, bungee dummy line for accessories, ammunition holder, silent cloth D-rings, bow holder on harness belt, adjustable safety rope with prussic knot, and extra clip. The adjustable safety line and prussic knot double as a lineman’s belt, allowing the hunter to safely leave and return to the ground while constantly being restrained.

Surpassing all of those essential features, the Deluxe also sports side storage bags and an integrated binocular strap system. Easily accessing cell phones, GPS systems, handheld games, 2-way radios, cameras, snacks, and anything else a hunter could need, the side storage bags allow the hunter to keep the essentials safely within reach. Long distance scouting and surveillance is a breeze with the quiet, integrated binocular straps. No longer will the hunter quietly sneak high into that buck’s bedroom only to realize the optics were left in the truck.

The new Summit STS Deluxe has a MSRP of just-$149.99.

Image courtesy Summit

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  1. Having the correct safety equipment is so important that it is definitely not the place to try to save money. And it is not just having the equipment, you must make sure that you check and maintain it to make sure that you are not putting anyone in danger.

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