The interactive July/August 2013 issue of The Police Marksman magazine is now available free at from Hendon Media Group.

Brian McKenna’s “Officer Down” column re-addresses the Newhall, California shootout that resulted in the deaths of four California Highway Patrolmen in 1970.  McKenna recounts the incident in forensic detail and then discusses how far we’ve come in law enforcement when it comes to tactics, training, weapons, and mindset.  Interactive questions accompany each Officer Down column and can be incorporated into training.

Each issue of The Police Marksman is designed to be read on your smart phone, tablet, pc, or in-squad computer.  Sign up for a free subscription to be notified when each new bi-monthly issue goes online.

This issue’s “Bullseye” focuses on long guns and features a review of Mossberg’s tactical pump and semi-auto shotguns geared toward police deployment.  Savage’s 110-BA sniper rifle is also evaluated and lives up to its namesake of “bad ass.”

This month’s online issue of The Police Marksman also “Sights In On” Vortex’s inexpensive, but quality scopes for economical use on AR-15 patrol rifles/carbines.

The second in a series of “Why Do We Teach” columns by George T. Williams addresses why police firearms instructors use various coaching techniques that can save officers lives.  Are you utilizing these useful systems in your range training?

Officers are kept on their toes with the use of dummy rounds to improve AR-15 rifle reloading, malfunction clearing, lateral movement, and sight reacquisition in this issue’s Course of Fire.  It’s designed for range officers to print out as a single page and utilize for training “as is” or with their own modifications.

The Police Marksman continues its mission of being “by cops, for cops” and helping to keep officers safe with information they can really use.

Image courtesy Hendon Media Group

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