Introducing the newest Realtree camo hunting apparel from Badlands Gear – the Badlands 4-X apparel line. A follow up to the highly successful Bio-Thermic line of apparel, the Badlands 4-X Scent Containment Technology got its name from a four-step process used for scent containment and elimination. The first step was coating the fabric in silver, a process that destroys microbes and bacteria. Step two involved a second coat of silver to the underside of the clothing to further destroy the odor-causing bacteria that is closer to the skin. Step three involved identifying the areas of the body that produce the most “funk” and using fabrics in those areas made from coffee and bamboo. Known for their ability to kill bacteria and absorb odor, coffee and bamboo have naturally occurring properties that won’t lose their effectiveness over time. The final step in the 4-X process was creating a process called “Scent Gasketing,” in which the odor escape routes of the garment (i.e. cuffs, neck, torso) were again lined with the coffee and bamboo material. This process creates a “scrubbing” of the air as it escapes the clothing, therefore reducing odor even further.

Badlands’ Lead Designer Chris Lambert, said, “Before 4-X, there were basically two ways to control scent, but Badlands didn’t’ feel they were working well enough. We took it upon ourselves to find better ways of combining organic and man-made materials to create the most technically advanced scent containment apparel made to date.”

The new 4-X technology is featured in the following apparel:

  • Intake Pant and Jacket
  • Enduro Pant and Jacket
  • Hybrid Pant and Jacket
  • Exo Pant and Jacket
  • Rev Pant
  • Shed Jacket

Image courtesy Realtree

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