This week on North American Hunter-TV, the crew fulfills the dreams of one NAHC Life Member as they head to the northern tundra of Quebec for a caribou hunt. The vast area and chilly weather is relentless on the mind and body, but with each hunter holding two tags, spirits run high every time they stalk a herd. This is a special trip that takes the winner of the 2012 Quebec Ultimate Destination Sweepstakes, Kevin Kehoe from Oklahoma, on an all-expenses-paid caribou hunting trip. North American Hunter-TV is part of the North American Hunting Club, the premier community for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Tune in for a look at this week’s episode here.

Kehoe is traveling with Federal Ammunition’s Don Compton and North American Hunter’s Michael Cassidy. “It is hard to know what to expect on this hunt since it’s the first time for me,” said Compton. “Are we going to see singles coming over the hill? Twenty? A thousand?” Well, maybe Compton and Kehoe didn’t get to see quite a thousand ‘bou herding together, but they each have two tags to fill and the heart to get it done.

The wind, rain and sleet don’t slow this crew down as they spot a group of caribou swimming across the bay from their camp. Not quite ready, they quickly gather their gear and try to cut off the swimmers; unfortunate for the hunters, caribou are fast swimmers! They soon realized the group was heading to a valley the hunters had scouted the day before. After finding them again and getting settled, Kehoe has the chance to take the first shot.

“It was an unbelievable feeling; your heart is pumping as you try to steady your body just to get off the perfect shot,” said Kehoe. “I am just so excited to be on this trip and have the chance at two caribou.”

Also in this week’s episode, tune in for the “Mathews Minute” segment where Gordy Krahn discusses how to practice when dealing with an injury to your upper body. In Field Test powered by StuffStuff, get the latest reviews on the Scent Killer Gold Spray, HotMocs T1 Beanie and Kommon Free Range Hunter knife. Lastly, in “You Call the Shots,” Mark Kayser and Luke Hartle discuss hunting in the cold and snow – as in blizzard conditions – for the perfect shot at whitetails.

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