Screamin’ Heat is Code Blue’s hottest new pheromone-enriched estrous scent. During the estrous cycle, does produce natural secretions and pheromones that bucks are able to smell.  These special female secretions are extracted with meticulous accuracy and added to estrous urine, creating the ultimate “sex gland” attractant.  Developed through extensive research, this unique procedure is what makes Screamin’ Heat an ultra-hot trophy attractor!  Code Blue’s patented collection process ensures every bottle is pure, premium, fresh and most importantly, from an individual doe in estrous.  Screamin’ Heat arouses and attracts rutting bucks with the most prominent, pheromone-enriched estrous urine on the market.

MSRP $17.99 (1oz bottle)

In addition to Screamin’ Heat, Code Blue provides a full line of urines, attractants and personal scent management products.  For more information on Code Blue Products go to, or call our customer line: 251-368-4089.

Image courtesy Code Blue

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