Sportsman Channel’s ground-breaking news-talk television series—NRANEWS Cam & Co.—is broadcasting LIVE this Tuesday and Wednesday from Stargazers Theater in Colorado Springs during an historic recall election that is said to be a “litmus test” for gun control issues across the country. Host Cam Edwards will sit down with Colorado’s insiders for frank discussions on what this recall election could mean for gun control, not only for sportsmen and women in Colorado, but in every state and even at the federal level.  The nation’s only news-talk series for today’s American sportsmen, NRANEWS Cam & Co. airs weekdays from 5-6pm ET exclusively on Sportsman Channel. Stargazers Theater is home to “Recall Election Headquarters” this week and is open to the media and public.

“This recall election will have a significant impact on gun control debates moving forward and Sportsman Channel’s Cam & Co. is on location to bring our viewers the very latest breaking news coverage,” said Graig Hale, VP of Business Development for Sportsman Channel. “Our viewers are passionate about their firearms and laws surrounding them; Cam will be able to deliver details as they unfold with no spin, no rhetoric, just the facts that our sportsmen and women deserve from the media.”

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