SureFire LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products congratulates Team SureFire members, Mike Voigt and Maggie Reese for their outstanding performances at this year’s AR15/Rockcastle Pro Am. Mike and Maggie took top honors in Kentucky with Mike winning the Men’s Open Division and Maggie winning the Women’s Open Division.

This was the 3rd annual Pro Am 3-Gun Championship held at the Rockcastle Shooting Center located at Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, Kentucky.  This year’s competition, which took place August 23-25, saw over 250 Pro shooters negotiate 8 challenging, technical and fun stages, all designed by former and current 3-Gun champions.

Mike reflects on the match, “Both Maggie and I were excited to be able to once again compete at the largest MultiGun match in the country, the Pro Am. Our last visit to this match resulted in disaster. Maggie ripped her ACL in half when jumping down off one of the stage platforms and it has taken some time for her to get back into competition condition. The competition stages were compact in physical size, but big in target presentation. We shot from inside a concrete building with shotgun and pistol, some VERY fast handgun shooting while negotiating a maze of walls and had a stage with steel targets at over 300 yards.”

Mike continues, “This match has grown into one of the ‘must shoot’ competitions of the year, bringing the best competitors from across the country. My favorite stage this year had us shooting on the move at close paper rifle targets, steel at 200-250 yards, then you transitioned to your choice of either handgun or shotgun to finish on small steel plates with several penalty targets nearby. This stage required only two firearms, but several “gear changes” to deal with the target presentations that changed dramatically every few steps. After the thousands of scores were tabulated from 8 stages and hundreds of competitors, Maggie won the Ladies Open Division and I won the overall Open division -against some very good competition. Rockcastle stages, targets and plans of attack constantly change, but our SureFire equipment can ALWAYS be counted on to perform 100%.”

Maggie offers her take on this year’s competition, “Rock Castle is a huge facility with many unique terrain features. Stages varied from typical ‘square range’ stages with walls, doors and windows to field stages using trees, rocks and even a concrete building to force shooting positions. “Most of the stages were fairly compact allowing many competitors to move through in a short time, but this also made the shooting positions very critical for the best times. We were able to use our USPSA/IPSC competition experience and prioritize shooting positions and target engagement sequence. We shot some targets on the move, some from stable braced positions and others from a location that allowed multiple targets to be engaged.”

Maggie continues, “The shotgun plates needed more choke than we were used to, but once we adjusted – they flew from the stands. Rifle targets varied from very close/small paper targets to steel plates in excess of 300 yards. There were paper, steel plates and very heavy pepper poppers set from 5-35 yards for the handguns. Our SureFire muzzle brakes helped keep the rifles right on target for quick follow-up shots on the paper and allowed us to spot hits on the long distance steel plates, quickly confirming our wind calls. We make plans for the stages in a hurry, but know that we can trust our SureFire equipment every time.”

SureFire again wishes to congratulate Team SureFire member’s Mike and Maggie, as well as the other finalists at this year’s competition.

Image courtesy SureFire

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