This week on Gun Guy Radio several personalities from across the Firearms Radio Network are with Jake Challand to discuss and answer listener feedback and questions.  Mike Emert from the God and Guns podcast; Greg Bakken from Tactical Paradise; Steve Remy, senior producer at the Firearms Radio Network; and Hank Hockey, director of sales for the Firearms Radio Network for are all available to tackle questions ranging from purchasing used Glock pistols from law enforcement agencies to the Inteliscope tactical accessory for the iPhone.

In the Product Spotlight Paul Levy from Brownell’s discusses Brownell’s 1911 seven and eight round magazines.  Brownell’s makes these all steel magazines with a Xylan finish, extra power springs, witness holes, and either a standard welded on base plate for the 7-round magazine or a polymer base plate for the 8-round magazine.  The magazines are available in three magazine packages or as single magazines.

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Image courtesy Gun Guy Radio

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