Proper scent control is essential to successfully getting close to whitetail deer. In recent years many new products and strategies have come into play, giving the hunter new options on how to control scent. The experts on Deer & Deer Hunting TV weigh in on scent control and its development in this week’s episode, airing Tuesday on NBC Sports Outdoors.

Over the years, hunters have debated the best method for controlling human scents – some swear by sprays, others wear suits and still others argue that it’s impossible to mask scents. The one thing that is certain is that scent plays a huge part in hunting. For a whitetail, its nose is its most trusted tool for detecting danger.

On this week’s episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV, viewers will get a taste of the great scent debate as our experts explore whether or not it is feasible to actually fool a whitetail deer with scent control, essentially becoming invisible to the deer’s greatest sense. Plus, they check out some extreme measures taken in an effort to eliminate the natural human scent as much as possible.

Find out where the experts stand on scent control this week on NBC Sports Outdoors Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 2:00 EDT/1:00 CT and primetime on Sunday at 9:30 EDT/8:30 CT.

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