ThermaFuel Offers 4-Hours of High Heat for $6, Lower Than Competitors’ 30-Minute Offerings

Legacy Food Storage, a manufacturer of good tasting, high-quality gourmet meals for food storage and emergency use, today launched a low cost gel fuel source that offers four hours of burn time per cell for $6, less than many competitors* charge for as little as 30 minutes. ThermaFuel, a smokeless, odorless and non-toxic gel solid, will enable those needing to heat water without power (either during a natural disaster or even a weekend camping trip) the ability to prepare four to six meals with a single fuel cell.

ThermaFuel, made of diethylene glycol, allows water to boil within minutes, and unlike methanol or ethanol fuel sources, does not evaporate over time, giving it an approximate shelf life of 20 years.

“While the need to store food and water in case of emergencies is obvious, what often gets overlooked is how the food will actually be cooked, especially when there isn’t any power,” said Phillip Cox, chief executive officer, Legacy Food Storage.  “While there are many options to consider, the problem with fuel in our industry today is that most sources don’t burn long or hot enough to actually cook the food or even boil the water. Conversely, each of our cells can cook multiple meals, so you can use the flame as long as you want, extinguish it, and use it again for the next meal, and the next.”

Several ThermaFuel packages come with the Legacy Bobcat Stove, a durable yet light aluminum stove that sets up in less than a minute and folds flat for easy storage. When a lid is used, one ThermaFuel cell is sufficient to boil six cups of water on the Bobcat Stove. The stove can use up to three cells simultaneously to heat larger quantities of water.

The ThermaFuel cells and stove packages can be purchased at major resellers, retailers and affiliates, including and  The smallest package is $24 for four ThermaFuel cells.

Logo courtesy Legacy Food Storage

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