Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs enjoys spending time outdoors almost as much as he enjoys time in a ballpark. On tonight’s episode of Smith & Wesson’s Outdoor Guide, Boggs joins host Steve Scott for an exciting and demanding trip into Oklahoma backcountry for a feral hog hunt. Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, brings audiences  untamed, wild hog chasing action Monday, September 16.

Steve Scott gladly welcomes Wade Boggs to Smith & Wesson’s Outdoor Guide on an unusually warm December morning to hunt wild hogs. The assistance of a few four legged animals takes the duo on a long and interesting trip through the woods. After miles of walking along the scenic Oklahoma back country, one pig finally yields long enough for Boggs to connect from 15 feet with the GAMO air rifle. Boggs is impressed by the size of the hog he harvested with the air rifle.

Not to be outdone by “Boggsy,” Scott sets out on his own path and locates a giant 240 plus pound sow. He follows the hog to a creek where she stops long enough for Scott to connect with his trusty air rifle. Scott and Boggs both express on the show how much they like GAMO products – it takes them back to a simpler time when they could just go out into the woods and have the hunt of a lifetime.

“One of the many perks of hosting Smith & Wesson’s Outdoor Guide is hunting with so many interesting people,” said Steve Scott. “But to have the opportunity to hunt with, much less become friends with, a Hall of Famer; let’s just say I am very blessed.”

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