Tribe Archery is taking aim at the youth bow market with the release of the Game Hunter series, a line of fully customizable traditional and recurve bows designed especially for young, serious shooters.

This sleek yet durable newcomer demands attention and delivers precision. Like all Tribe bows, the Game Hunter series is built with the sole purpose of more accurately delivering arrows to their target. The specially engineered composite offers a quicker snapback to pack more power into each pull.

The bows are also ambidextrous and inherently customizable. With just one riser, the bows can be transformed from a recurve into a longbow. By switching out the limb options, shooters can create a totally different bow in terms of weight, design and look.

“This makes the Game Hunter an ideal bow for introducing youth to archery or taking young archers to the next level,” said Tribe founder Heath Painter, who launched the company with the vision of creating a superior experience for traditional archers and bow hunters. “It’s easy to create a new bow and a whole new experience with a single riser. The bow grows with the shooter.”

“The fact that both left- and right-handed shooters can use the same bow also makes it ideal for group shooting,” he added.

The initial release comes in two styles. The Game Hunter has a distinctive gray, silver and black camouflage pattern, with the Game Hunter Zombie sports a neon green and black camo. More product colors are planned for future releases.

“We set out to capture young shooters’ imaginations with a bow they can take seriously,” Painter said. “This is a professional bow with youthful, relevant camo options that are a level above other products on the market.”

A lifelong outdoor enthusiast and hunter, Painter has dedicated his life to archery. He founded Tribe with the intent of distilling a lifetime of traditional archery experience into a line of exclusive bows. The veteran-owned company is based in Xenia, Ohio, and Tribe bows—including all components—are proudly made in the United States.

Product Highlights

  • 48” length
  • 20”-25” draw
  • 20-25 pounds
  • Advanced composite material delivers faster arrow speeds
  • Ambidextrous grip – ideal for group shooting
  • Upgradeable limb system offers multiple options with just one riser
  • Durable construction withstands severe use
  • Extreme graphic design appeals to youth identity and preference

Image courtesy Tribe Archery

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