In response to numerous requests from customers, Hi Mountain Seasonings has introduced three of its most popular Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits in low-sodium versions. The Original, Hickory and Hunter’s Blend Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kits will now be available with 50-percent less salt in the seasoning. The cure will remain the same.

“We listen to our customers and do our best to accommodate their special needs,” said Hans Hummel, president and owner. “Many have asked for jerky seasonings with less salt but without sacrificing the flavor. We have been able to do that with the three new low-sodium kits.

“At Hi Mountain Seasoning, we are always looking to improve our products and provide our customers with healthy high-quality seasonings,” Hummel added. “We are proud of our new additions of low-sodium Jerky Cure Seasoning Kits.”

Making jerky at home is easy and fun. It tastes great, has less fat, no preservatives, and offers a better texture than mass-produced store-bought jerky. And, thanks to Hi Mountain Seasonings full line of jerky making products, it is easier than ever to supply your family with a healthy great-tasting snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Hi Mountain Seasonings full line of products include all of the tools, directions and seasonings needed to create a culinary treat that can be enjoyed by even the most discriminating palate. With the addition of the three new low-sodium flavors, Hi Mountain Seasonings now offers 23 mouth-watering Jerky Cure & Seasoning kits to use with any store-bought or game meat you wish to try.

Hi Mountain’s entire line of products, cooking tips, instructional videos, and recipes are also available at, and the products can be found at high-quality sporting goods stores, farm and ranch stores and many local grocery stores.

Image courtesy Hi Mountain Seasoning

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