This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio, it’s time for football and tailgating as well as hunt camp and camp cooking and who better to bring aboard than Steve McGrath from Camp Chef who can tell you what you need to bring for a successful outdoor cooking experience! Steve also shares some recipes and tips that will make you a big hit by the grill in the parking lot or by the wall tent this fall!

Speaking of hunting season, you can get hurt out there and if you are bleeding bad you’ve got to stop it yourself because no ambulance will be able to get to you in time! Jennifer Foreman with Combat First Aid shares the knowledge you need to stay alive in the field if you are shot, cut or otherwise suffering from arterial bleeding and have just a few minutes to survive.

Want more? We’ve got all sorts of cross-border fishing news as well as an update on the Colockum Elk Herd in Central Washington from Norm Gutzwiler and Herb Troxel with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in the wake of this summer’s fire which destroyed most of their winter range.

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