RangeLog LLC is pleased to announce that several mobile scoring application providers have updated their software to provide match results in a format that works directly with RangeLog’s Member Services.

Member Services is currently used by IDPA to manage the membership and classifications for over 20,000 competitive shooters. In addition, more than 400 IDPA affiliated clubs have the ability to login and import scores using data from a number of different software providers.

IDPA clubs that score matches using Shoot’n Score It or SnapScore scoring software will see immediate changes to posting scores. The Shoot’n Score It match statistics now generate automatically in the correct file format for immediate upload to IDPA’s website. The new import file allows clubs to quickly export match results, and simply click save.

Users of SnapScore’s software will also see an updated file format in coming days. The new changes will save clubs effort by decreasing the time to post scores online at www.idpa.com

Jamie Stroud, Director of Software Development at RangeLog, is excited about the partnership. “The collaboration allows all of our organizations to serve both the clubs and the competitors better. We are very excited to be working with other software innovators in the shooting sports industry.”

Logo courtesy RangeLog

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