Certain voices instantly command attention and respect. Winston Churchill approached the podium and everyone dropped their tea and crumpets. The tagline for a particular stock brokerage firms says that “When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen.”

Hunting has a few of those guys, too. Keith Warren is one of them.

The revered host of “High Road Hunting” has thrown his support to Tannerite brand binary exploding targets, and first and foremost, because they’re the safest. “The big thing is Tannerite will not start fires, even if you live in arid areas.” And Warren knows as the majority of his target shooting takes place in dry country.

“And Tannerite is reliable,” adds Warren, emphasizing that there are no duds, instead a rewarding explosion when struck with a high power rifle.

Certainly, Tannerite binary exploding targets signal a bulls-eye when the percussion rings and vapor cloud forms. Warren, however, takes it a step further by reading the vapor to gauge the wind. “Tannerite is a wind indicator. If the vapor drifts you know what the wind is doing. It’s a great teaching tool.

“Finally, there’s a product that lets you actually visualize the wind.”

Warren will be telling the Tannerite story on TV as well as on the road at speaking engagements. Watch for Tannerite brand exploding targets during episodes of “High Road Hunting”, as well as “Deer and Wildlife Stories”; both appearing on the Pursuit Channel. Additionally, you can find traces of Tannerite® brand exploding targets on Warren’s website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Image courtesy Tannerite

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