This week it’s archery hunting for whitetails on public land!  So here’s the rundown: DIY hunting Midwest Whitetails on the cheap, Waterway Whitetails, “Colorado’s Biggest Bucks & Bulls,” Chronic Wasting Disease, antler restrictions, shot placement and much, much more!  Tune in this week.

David Rearick – DIY Midwest Whitetails –

Hunting out of state can be difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  Outdoor writer, David Rearick has picked out a few of the best Midwest sleeper states to hunt for big bucks. He’ll tell us about the public land hunting opportunities, the availability of licenses and where to hunt in these lesser recognized deer havens.

Colorado’s Biggest Bucks & Bulls – Susan Reneau, Author –

Susan Reneau is the co-author of the new book, Colorado’s Biggest Bucks and Bulls, Third Edition, and wrote the first and second editions over the last 30 years. She talks with Trav and Bunny this week about her new book, the trophy potential Colorado houses for record book animals and some hunting history. Find out more here!

Waterway Whitetails – Darron McDougal –

Darron McDougal is the editor of Bowhunt America Magazine and a tried and true DIY deer hunter. He uses public land to harvest his trophies and he joins Trav & Bunny this week to talk about how to effectively utilize waterways in your hunting strategy.

Antler Restrictions  – CWD & Shot Placement –

Mrs. Bunny and Trav dive into the reasons for and against antler restrictions,  how Hunter’s Feeding the Hungry faces scrutiny from public health officials, chronic wasting disease, the controversial quartering-to shot and much more.

Image courtesy The Revolution with Jim & Trav

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