In Episode #77 of BHK Outdoor Radio L.T. and Dan talk about the process of designing a knife.

If you are a knife owner and user chances are you’ve thought about designing your own knife before. It starts when you are holding the knife and think “I wish this handle was longer.” Maybe you love the handle but want a different style of grind on the blade. Maybe it is the perfect knife except you’d rather have it in a different color or material.

L.T. and Dan detail the process they go through when they design knives for Blind Horse Knives’ catalog and the steps they go through to build a custom knife for a customer. There is a lot more to think about than drawing your dream knife on paper. First you should think about what you want in a knife and what you will use the knife for. Think about the purpose of the blade and what grind you need. It is important to remember that one knife can’t do everything. If you try to make a knife that will do everything chances are you will end up with something that is alright at everything but excels at no one particular task.

It is important to think about handle material. The various types each have their own advantage. Bone handles are beautiful to look at but may crack or discolor with use or storage. This also goes into what you want your knife to do. Don’t forget the sheath! It is important to design a sheath that you will use with your knife. Otherwise, you won’t carry it. Do you want Kydex or leather? How will you carry your knife? All of these questions must be answered before you can have a completed knife.

It seems like hard work and a lot of questions to answer, but having a completed knife in your hand that you designed is a wonderful feeling. L.T., Dan, and the Blind Horse Knives crew are happy to help you achieve that dream of a custom knife.

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