Customers are the lifeblood of any company, and treating customers like royalty can build lasting relationships. Crimson Trace, the leader in laser sights and tactical weapon lights for firearms, places high priorities on customers—on serving them and keeping them.

“We live Lew’s (he’s Lew Danielson, Crimson Trace founder and Chairman of the Board) vision of ‘treating our customers like kings’” says Nate Hoke, Crimson Trace Director of Customer Service. “In summary, we do things the old fashioned way: we fix problems immediately, we live the ‘made in America’ spirit, we work hard for our money and understand that our customers do too. We’re just like our customers, and we treat them like we’d like to be treated.” Customer service is a top priority for Crimson Trace.

During an average month, the call load at the company’s Wilsonville, Oregon headquarters can reach several thousand customers who call in on the toll free line (800-442-2406). Those calls are answered by a highly-trained customer service staff whom quickly determines the nature of the call and works to answer questions.

Understanding customers and having firearms knowledge requires training. The average Crimson Trace customer service representative spends up to three months training for their job. That training includes completing a firearms training course and live-fire program at a gun range.

Each representative has a wide assortment of tools to troubleshoot and problem-solve inbound calls. The call center receives a variety of positive customer comments.

Customer service representatives are all too often moved by law enforcement officers or military veterans who report a Crimson Trace laser saved their life by making them more accurate, or quicker, in an encounter with an assailant or enemy. Homeowners and gun owners also report similar results on a regular basis to the company’s Call Center.

Crimson Trace’s customers feel the professional attention when they call—and the first-class service from knowledgeable representatives. The mission of Crimson Trace is to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country. More details are at:

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