Champion Traps and Targets introduces new reactive targets to its popular interactive lineup. Shooters of all ages and disciplines will enjoy hours of shooting fun with these durable and challenging targets. These products are now available.

Watch Them Wobble

Champion’s DuraSeal is a self-sealing material that absorbs thousands of rounds from handguns and rifles, extending the life of the target. The DuraSeal Wobble Targets feature a weighted-round bottom that provides an easy-to-see wobbling reaction when hit, as they return to an upright position after every hit, ready for the next shot.

The vivid color schemes of these targets allow for easy target acquisition. The new bowling-pin design offers a bright white, four-sided target with a red base, while the round radiation green target features a black base.

DuraSeal Crazy Bounce Ball and Star Targets allow shooters to practice hitting moving targets because they bounce and dart across the ground after every hit.

The DuraSeal Swinging Ball Target is a 3-inch reactive ball that promotes precision shooting skills.

Hear the Results

Champion metal targets each bring variety and challenge to shooting practice.

Secured to either the ground or an elevated wood base, the high-visibility orange Diamond Pop-Up target automatically returns upright after being hit.

The radiation green Double Reaction Metal Spinner Target gives shooters twice the options to aim at. The inside spinner consists of smaller, orange targets to enhance precision and the green, diamond and circular shapes are on the outside spinner. Shooters will hear the metal clang and see the targets move with every hit.

Part Number / Description / MSRP

42800 DuraSeal Bowling Pin Wobble Target $28.49
44884 DuraSeal Wobble Target $25.49
43804 DuraSeal Crazy Bounce Star $19.99
43806 DuraSeal Crazy Bounce Ball $34.99
44890 DuraSeal Swinging Target $20.19
44886 .22 Diamond Pop Up Target $14.49
44880 .22 Green Double Reaction Metal Spinner $32.49

Watch video of the new DuraSeal targets in action on Champion’s YouTube Channel.

Learn more about the new reactive targets, and all of the great shooting accessories from Champion:

Image and video courtesy Champion Traps and Targets

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