Firearms owners are hitting the range to sharpen their skills as hunting seasons open across the country. The latest issue of Gun Digest the Magazine, available on newsstands September 24, offers these men and women a sneak peek at some of the newest hi-tech guns that could very well change the way hunters shoot in the future and also examines more traditional arms that have long served – and will continue to serve – sportsmen.

Hunting is often a lifetime obsession, a passion that spans generations, and choosing the perfect hunting rifle is an important decision. With this issue, editors and contributors at Gun Digest the Magazine take some of the guesswork out of finding a great, functional hunting rifle. In seasoned hunter Brian McCombie’s cover story “Star Wars Sniper: The Remington 2020”, he tests out Remington’s new 2020 matched networking rifle while hunting in Texas. The rifle utilizes a hi-tech scope that tags the target and then alerts the shooter to pull the trigger when the scope lines up perfectly on that target.

Editor-in-Chief Doug Howlett offers his insight into the Mossberg 4×4 rifle in 7mm WSM as he recounts a New Mexico hunting adventure where the bolt-action pulled double duty on black bears and antelope in the high desert. Readers who prefer an old-school style will enjoy Dave Morelli’s thoughts on the thrill and accuracy of shooting primitive muzzleloaders in his piece “Mountain Men Precision.”

In addition to the heavy focus on hunting firearms, the October issue includes the first edition of Gun Digest’s Market Trends, a report that will appear in every future issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Market Trends delivers a comprehensive look at what’s selling, firearms that are bringing in top dollar and where to find the best deals in gun shops, gun shows and at auction houses around the country. It’s the latest way that Gun Digest the Magazine is working to better serve its audience’s needs.

Pick up the next issue of Gun Digest the Magazine when it hits newsstands everywhere on September 24.

Image courtesy Gun Digest

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