Publisher Collaborates with Emmy Award-Winning TV Host and Explorer Jeff Corwin

This week, Waterford Press and Emmy Award-winning TV Host and explorer Jeff Corwin announce their media collaboration this week with the launch of Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series.  Waterford Press will work side-by-side with JeffCorwinConnect, Inc., furthering the multimedia education company’s efforts to create the next generation of environmental stewards.  Together, they will provide programs and products designed to engage people in the enjoyment and preservation of the natural world.

For their initial offering, Waterford Press and JeffCorwinConnect take on The World of SHARKS, PRIMATES, WILD CATS, WILD DOGS, SNAKES and BEARS in a 6-part series of Pocket Naturalist Guides, which are co-authored by Jeff Corwin and James Kavanagh, and will follow up with a series of Nature Activity Books focused on the same species to complement the learning experience.

“Our mission at JeffCorwinConnect is to educate and inspire people to explore the natural world and connect the younger generation to the planet and its species,” Corwin said. “Tools like pocket guides and activity books are an engaging and interactive way for us to help fulfill this mission and teach kids about wildlife and the importance of preserving natural habitats.”

Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series is a species-focused introduction to the world of wildlife that seamlessly integrates the highlights and need-to-know information about some of the planet’s most critical and endangered species.

  • Pocket Naturalist Guides are lightweight, waterproof, easy-to-digest, and small enough to be read just about anywhere: at home, even on readers’ own field adventures.
  • Nature Activity Books feature wildlife-related games, quizzes and classroom activities that encourage interest and engage children in nature and the natural sciences.

“Simple, straightforward text and compelling visuals make the guides in Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series educational and enjoyable for everyone from children to parents to teachers, to just about anyone with a passion for learning, “ says Waterford Press Founder and President James Kavanagh.  “The information in these pocket guides lays the foundation for learning and better understanding of these diverse species.”

Waterford Press and JeffCorwinConnect embark on a collaboration rooted in science but focused on creating educational, entertaining experiences. Through these experiences, kids will learn about the ecology and biodiversity of life on our planet and be inspired to explore the natural world themselves.

“Strategic partnerships like this give us tremendous opportunity to further our mission,” said Anurag Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of JeffCorwinConnect Inc. “We are excited to partner with Waterford Press to create more and titles and interactive products to support education while having an ‘activity based do-it-yourself’ experience.” Agarwal added that JeffCorwinConnect plans to create digital learning and gaming apps for kids using the same content.

The Pocket Naturalist Guides will be available in November 2013, and Nature Activity Books will be available in January 2014.

Image courtesy Waterford Press

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