For over 40 years, Gerbing has been developing self-heating technology. Gerbing’s heated gear is relied upon by all-weather motorcycle riding commuters, weekend warriors, and enthusiasts alike. Gerbing makes wearable technology specifically designed for the temperature of speed; with the launch of this new collection, Gerbing solidifies itself as the leader in the wearable heated and wearable technology industry. The new collection consists of three segments: Gerbing’s coreheat12 motorcycle heated gearGerbing’s coreheat7 wearable heated clothing and Gerbing’s coreheat1 base layers.

Julio Grullon Motochanic Co-Founder on Gerbing’s products and it’s future: “We believe in Gerbing’s heated technology, and most importantly in the direction Tom Nolan will take this company.”

New to the Gerbing Core Heat 12 family is the redesigned heated jacket liner, this liner is designed to fit under your favorite motorcycle jacket. Also for this year is the long awaited Gerbing EX Jacket with a Cordura shell and a max heat of 135 degrees Fahrenheit including certified protection on the back, shoulders, and elbows makes this heated jacket one of the most desirable products for this winter season. Another great product in the 12v line is the Gerbing EX Heated Gloves. This glove features leather on the palm and palm sliders for added protection and is also capable of a 135 degree Fahrenheit max heat, Gerbing is making sure you are as warm and cozy as any winter Holiday morning.

New to the Gerbing Core Heat 7 line are a series of products that continue to keep the Gerbing reputation high. These products can be worn for any occasion and any outdoor use from commuting to skiing. The new Core Heat soft shell vest for men and women features a micro-poly lining and a max heat of 135 degrees Fahrenheit, this new soft shell vest also has built-in wind proofing. Check out the new Gerbing heated gear products at

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